Ardennes-Etape gift: 2016 calendar
Ardennes-Etape wishes you Happy Holidays and an inspiring 2016!
There's no Christmas without
here you go, the 2016 calendar.
Time for snowflakes, a glass of hot wine and board games in front of the fireplace.
Celebrating carnival, love & forgetting about our New Year's resolutions.
Carnival holidays from Fri 05/02/2016 to Sun 14/02/2016
Valentine: Sun 14/02/2016
Want to join us outside? Spring has arrived!
Easter holidays from Fri 25/03/2016 to Su 10/04/2016
Chocolate, chocolate and... Chocolate.
Long live the holidays.
Long weekend 1 May from Fri 29/04/2016 to Mon 02/05/2016
Ascension weekend from Wed 04/05/2016 to Sun 08/05/2016
Mother's Day: Sun 08/05/2016
Pentecost weekend from Fri 13/05/2016 to Mon 16/05/2016
Gather the whole family and...have a BBQ! Enjoy!
Father's Day: Sun 12/06/2016
Vacationnnn! Our planning? Relaxing and doing whatever we want.
Summer vacation from Fri 01/07/2016 to Wed 31/08/2016
National Holiday: Thu 21/07/2016
Let's eat outside and get a taste of summer.
Summer vacation from Fri 01/07/2016 to Wed 31/08/2016
Long Weekend 15 August from Fri 12/08/2016 to Mon 15/08/2016
Back to school for the kids and vacation for me.
A chilly breeze, golden sun and colorful leafs...hello autumn!
Autumn vacation from Fri 28/10/2016 to Sun 06/11/2016
Halloween: Mon 31/10/2016
Dark days, light some candles.
1 November: Tue 01/11/2016
Long Weekend Armistice Day from Thu 10/11/2016 to Mon 14/11/2016
Family time, fondue, Christmas markets...MERRY CHRISTMAS!
Sinterklaas: Tue 06/12/2016
Christmas from Fri 23/12/2016 to Fri 30/12/2016
New Year's from Fri 30/12/2016 to Fri 06/01/2017
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